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Selecting Right Road Bike For Your Safety

You may see road bike causing you many money even dollars or it may cause more than that. You may find different types of models and several other brands in the market available that will help you to get most from. You need to select right type of bike for yourself, good choice is the best road bike under 1000 dollars. You must follow certain steps that will benefit you and in that way you may easily get the right type of roadie for your use.

  • The first step is to get proper information about your terrain
  • you must also know proper ride frequency and type to perform it
  • you must know what actually you need and what other things you want
  • you must know the person whom you are with
  • you must have it in your range and budget

road bike for safety

Step 1: proper information about your terrain:

You may have it for a terrain that is flat. You can also use it on the terrain that is not properly equal and having different tracks. You can also make other changes to your bike to use and that can be to change tires and other thing that is important to look for your tracks etc.

Step 2: proper ride frequency:

You must know the frequency that when are the points you wish to go for riding and what purpose you will be going for that. You must keep yourself away from the tires that are for racing and that must be easy to handle and comfortable as well. You need to have slow speed but that will be very helpful for you to work for and in this way you can easily save your money as well.

Step 3:  with whom you wish to ride your bike:

You may see some of the bikes that are with aero bars. These bikes that you may find are for the purpose to race only and are usually only for sole riding. This will give you easy handling and you can easily make your trip easy.

Step 4: what do you need and what do you want?

Beginner’s rider usually do not know the needs and gets confuse on their needs vs wants that may give them some disadvantage. You should buy that road bike that is according to your needs and that may satisfy you in every easy way. If you have good budget than you must definitely go for it.

Step 5: keep budget accordingly:

You must make it sure to have proper budget with you to fulfil your need and requirements. You should wait for your right time if you do not have cash so you can still wait to have it properly and then fulfil your needs and wants.

You must purchase that type of bike that make you feel satisfy and you must be sure and satisfy with the purchase you made. These steps above will be helpful for you that will definitely make your trip to road bike easy.

Bike Gear

In this article, I would like to share my personal experience of riding an electric bicycle for the first time. Once, I felt quite irritated with entire justifications for traveling to a work every single day. Moreover, during summers, I would take my bike and ride it however; it might come in the waves devoid of any to build electric bicycle

I will give the answers to some question as how I build the bicycle. What sort of motor would be preferred? What batteries would be selected? It is important to note all the answers can help the cyclists to build their personal bike.

1) Getting On Track

Before moving further, it is worth mentioning that if cyclists type the DIY electric bicycle in their preferred search engine, they will see a huge range of facts from the electric drill bicycles to the ten topmost costly electric bicycles. However, always remember that this information can confuse you.  Moreover, it can take you in several directions. In my case, I only want to build an e-bicycle, which everyone can easily replicate with nominal cost.

2) Selecting a Motor

According to me, the first thing cyclists should decide upon is an electric motor. Normally, a hub motor is considered as the most famous option for the electric bicycles. Beside this, hub motor offers the cyclist two options such as direct drive and geared hub motors. However, each kind of motor has many advantages and disadvantages.motor kit

Comparatively, a new and innovative motor is known as mid-drive e-motor.  It is not fixed in the back or front wheel hub however; it is attached to the front energy system.   One of the biggest benefits of this entire structure is the facility to utilize your personal bicycle’s back derailleur to alter gears.

Moreover, this has its optimal rpm speed. Cyclists can easily feel the power of its speed while riding the bicycle. I like and select the Bafang BBS02 mid- drive kit. The best thing about this electric bicycle is that cyclist can fix the kit on quite much any current bicycle with the MM68 lowest bracket explosive width.

Selecting the bicycle to transform into your brand new electric bicycle is truly fun. It is important to consider the below-given things while selecting the components for next e-bicycle.

  • Smaller wheels
  • Front disc brakes
  • Wide handlebars
  • Securing and Alleviating the Battery Box

It is important to have the battery box. Never place the battery box in the sealed parts of the bike due to limited airflow. You can place it on the back rack of your bike.

3) Always having a jump starter reviews before journey

The best jump starter is advised in your emergency toolkit as you can’t know when your battery gets weakness.

4) Manufacturing a Battery Packbattery pack

It is worth mentioning that manufacturing the battery pack to fit in the frame triangle usually takes some time, expertise and money. Cyclists can even purchase the reliable triangle battery packs.

5) Making Custom Kickstand

After following all the steps, add some lights and double kickstand. Always remember that kickstand is very essential.

6) Mounting Horn, Taillight, and Headlight

Eventually, carefully mount the horn, tail light and headlight on your bike. Always use the small and lightweight crimp connectors to connect various wires.

7) Enjoy your Ride

According to my experience, this bike truly helped me to transform my entire life. It allows me to save my time and money.  Moreover, I am riding most of the time that have radically cut down the carbon discharges I was producing.

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Important Facts about the Brakes of Mountain Bikes

In this article, I would like to share the useful information and facts about the brakes of the mountain bikes. Most of the times, you might feel that there are much more system of the brakes in mountain bikes as compare to the other types of the bikes. However, regardless of the brands, models and descriptions cyclists will see that there are actually two main types of the brakes of this kind of bike.

  • Rim Brakes

Rim Brakes

  • It is important to mention that these brakes were designed around 100 years ago, when the metal bike wheels were used widely. However, these rim brakes are still famous and common design even though the century has been passed now.
  • Rim brakes usually have the pair of the pads and some sort of the synthetic rubber. It crushes the rim of wheel. Moreover, the pair of pads is basically activated by hand lever which is fixed on bike. These rim brakes also use a very simple and economical design which is relatively useful; however there are some shortcomings on them.
  • Apart from this, if your bike is going at a very high speed then it might demands a much force in order slow the bike down. It is very difficult to slow the bike down rapidly, particularly on mountain bicycle which is regularly traveling downhill.
  • Furthermore, another major problem with these brakes is, they squeal frequently. As there is much abrasion between the rim and brake pads. Be careful, because it might become the reason of metal vibration which can result in squealing sound. Moreover, this is apparently not an issue which might be over with little lubricant. In fact, even water or mud can easily decrease the efficiency of the rim brakes.
  • Beside this, brake pads can also wear out rapidly when used frequently. Therefore, it is advisable to replace them on regular basis. You can easily get the brake pads and these pads are easily available in softer & harder material.  Harder pads usually last longer however they demand much hand pressure in order to slow it down. While softer brake pads offers great braking power however they can wear out rapidly.
  • Disc Brakes

Disc Brakes of bike

These brakes can overcome majority of the issues which are liked with the rim brakes. Disc brakes can still work with calipers which are crush against the metal in order to slow the bike down however, metal of this kind is not wheel itself in fact a disc which is fixed to wheel. Generally, Disc brakes works on the similar principle just as the disc footbrakes in car.

Weight, cost and other problems keep the brakes from getting extensively used on the mountain bicycles for longer time. However, with the technological advancement, now this is considered as a minor issue. Moreover the entire expenditure of the bike brakes is comparatively low as compare to the mountain bike itself.

These brakes can work easily in any sort of environment. Water, snow, ice and even mud cannot decrease the power of braking.

Cycling Safety

Bike Safety: Important Tips

This article will share the worth reading information about how you can enhance the bike safety and protection of your kid. It is advisable to carefully follow all the guidelines and tips which will be given in this article. Always remember that it is not too prompt to initiate teaching a kid the basics of the bike safety.

It is important to mention that around about 200 deaths of the children are happened due to the bicycle related accidents, generally affecting the children of below 15 years annually. Furthermore, more than 300,000 children are affected by the bicycle related damage at emergency center or hospital with more than 8,000 requiring hospitalization.

Here it is also necessary to mention that without the bike helmets; these numbers are likely to remain double by kid’s safety network. Always remember that helmet helps to save lives therefore, does not matter that how much your child protest always ask him/her to wear a helmet while cycling. Moreover, riding a bicycle is an honor and wearing the helmet is compulsory. That’s why it is important to tell your kid about the importance of the bike much earlier.

how to wear kid's helmet

Now even the preschool kids can easily learn about the importance of the helmet by simply following their parents even if they are not riding a bike yet. If you are using the bike trailer or child seat, then always ensure that you and your kid are wearing the helmet. Generally, preschool kid has not possess the reasoning and judgment skills which are mandatory for managing the complex biking situation, however they can easily learn by an example.

Mostly, wearing the helmet is considered as a good starting point. Moreover, making the point of clarifying that why mother is stopping the bike and then walking the bike across a very busy crossing or why father always stop at the stop signal are also considered important lessons which can pay bonuses in upcoming days of your child’s life.

Moreover, a focus on the balance is essential factor of learning that how to ride the bike, still the entire process must start with an emphasis on protection and safety. It simply includes that how kids can avoid the crash plus why and how kids have to wear the helmet.

It is important for the parents to teach the five below given rules to their kids which are given by the Helmet Protection Institute:

  • It is advisable to always stop the bike before riding in streets.
  • Always follow the stop signal.
  • Always check behind yourself before turning, swerving and changing lanes.
  • It is compulsory to ride on right side.
  • Do not follow the other rider without following rules 1 to 4.


Generally, preschoolers are ready to ride, particularly with the help of balance bike.  Conversely, mostly youngsters put these preschoolers at a protection hindrance because preschoolers are not able practice potential harm the manner an older kid might. Moreover, it is vital that parents should direct their cyclists every time.

Cycling Safety

Increase Security with Helmets for Children

In this article, I would like to share the information about how you can increase your child security with helmet. Moreover, it also shares the information about the importance of the helmets.

The well-known fact:

    • Whenever our children go outside for cycling, we simply cannot aids them however we get worried about how to enhance their protection. As parents, we always look to improve our child’s protection in order to protect him from any sort of potential harm.
    • Therefore, now bike helmets are easily available in the market so parents feel much secure and relaxed. Here an important thing is that how you can truly ensure that the bike helmets you select are safe or how you can know that the selected helmet will actually protect your child. That’s why it is very essential to know that how to select the bike helmets for kids in order to get the protection and safety we truly want and need.
    • Apart from this, it is crucial to ensure that the selected bike helmet you select should pass the protection standard test given by the several institutes like Snell Memorial Foundation, costumer product protection commission and ANSI. Moreover, it is equally important to check the stickers or labels which are given for bike helmet and it simply means that your chosen helmet have passed the safety standards.

  • Besides this, now you have to select that what kind of bike helmets you actually want for your kids. Generally, there are two main types of the bike helmets are available for kids namely, soft shell and hard shell bike helmets. A soft shell bike helmet contains the inner lining which is made up of the thick polystyrene. Moreover, soft shell helmet bike is very light and comfortable as compare to hard shell bike helmet.
  • On the other hand, a hard shell helmet is made up of fiberglass or hard plastic which wraps polystyrene sheet. Furthermore, these helmets are very heavy and uncomfortable for children. It is advisable to select which kind of helmet goes well with your child and which kind your child prefers.
  • Additionally, it is essential to ensure that selected bike helmet fit fine on your child’s head. Moreover, it is recommended to take your child along with you while going to purchase the bike helmet for him/her in order to select the most appropriate helmet according to their actual head size. It is necessary that helmet must fit properly all around your child’s head. The selected helmet must cover the half of your child’s forehead leaving about 1” space from child’s eyebrows. Always ensure that helmet is properly fit because a loose fit can easily move in every direction which could be quite dangerous for your child. On the other hand, child head covering should not be very tight as it can cause headache.
  • It is essential to find the bike helmets with a chin strap in order to give additional protection. Moreover, one strap must in front side of kid’s ears with the other strap must go behind the kid’s ears. Be very careful to check that each strap must be in Y-form in order ensure that these straps in the correct place.

Try to select the bike helmet in bright colors:

 the bike helmet in bright colors for kids

You must allow your kids to select the helmet design which they want. You might assist your children to select their helmets by signifying colors much similar to colors of the reflectors such as yellow green, orange and yellow. Because kids usually like bright colors and these colors are also quite visible to motorcyclists and drivers in road.

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The Frame of Wheels of a Mountain Bike

Mountain bicycling is considered as a famous sport which involves a particular bike intended for rough situations which are present on the off-road pathways. Moreover, this game pits one rider alongside the field of the other contestants all willing to pass through the passage at the highest potential speed.

The Frame of Wheels of a Mountain Bike

  • The territory of any area has an important effect on speed which these riders can easily travel at. Moreover, the circumstances might often be hairy and dangerous, thus it is essential for the mountain bicycle riders to learn that the wheels of their bike are especially designed to easily handle the effects and exploitations which they have to put through.
  • Furthermore, there are several types of the mountain biking; however all these types put the rider and bike in a same condition, when it is cyclist and their bicycles set against the natural track. Generally, the toughest part of the modest biking is the territory. However, nature is also a very serious opponent, however, if cyclists have the correct bicycle and are able to handle it appropriately then nature can truly become their challenger in spite of the completion.
  • Irrespective of whether the cyclists plan to cycle for the competition or might be only for the time pass, they should know that they have the correct equipment. Moreover, mountain bicycling is just similar to any other game or for time pass to become skilled at it plus stay secure they should have the correct equipment.
  • Generally, mountain bicycle differs a lot from other traditional bikes due to its construction and design. Mountain bikes include the features which are able to handle very rough situations. The components of mountain bikes are collectively give the handle control and sturdiness.
  • Majority of the modern mountain bicycles contain the front forks which give dual suspension. Furthermore, these casings are fixed onto the 26-29” wheels. It is important to mention that these tires and wheels are thicker & wider as compare to the wheels and tires of the traditional road bikes.
  • Although the wheels of the mountain bikes are especially created to be stronger and give a better immersion to shock of bicycling over the rough ground still these wheels are similar to the wheels which are used on the road bikes. Moreover, majority of the features on the wheels of the mountain bikes are much alike to those which are on the wheels of the road bikes.
  • It is important to note that the entire set of the wheels is recognized as the wheel set. This wheel set is designed in order to properly fit into fork and frame of the mountain bicycles through dropouts. Apart from this, the components of the bike wheels are same in spite of the kind of bike. The wheel set includes the rims, hubs, beatings, axles and spokes.
  • It is important to mention that bike wheels include what are general known as the clincher rims. Moreover, these kinds of the rims are mainly used with the clincher rims. It uses the Kevlar fiber droplet or wire which links with the projections in rims. Besides this, the tires have a single inner tube which is covered by the wires of rim. Generally, this kind of the rim easily access the inner tube in case of leak plus it can permit the inner tube to patched and replaced easily.

26” ISO 559 wheel

26” ISO 559 wheel

Always remember that there are several kinds of the wheels of the mountain bikes. However one of the most famous wheels is 26” ISO 559 wheel. Moreover, this wheel of mountain bike has inner diameter of MM559 and 26” diameter of the outside tire. In some cases, it is quite possible that these tires are tubeless. It permits the cyclists to easily run their bike with the very low pressure of tire. It also gives a better shock absorption and traction. Several riders also use the sealing liquid which gives increased sealing proficiency and also works better in order to avoid the punctures from spikes and thorns.

Apart from this, another kind of the wheel of the mountain bike is 29” ISO662. Now a days, these wheels are becoming very famous for cross country and cyclo cross riding.  These wheels always use the clincher chic wheel.


It is important to gain a basic knowledge about the frames of the mountain bikes wheels before purchasing it in order to have a safe ride.

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Bike Helmet: Tips for Selecting

This article will share the useful information and tips about how you can select the helmet from a bike. It is very important to use a helmet as it is especially designed in order to protect your head from a sudden injury or shock. Moreover, it reduced the effects to skull of cyclist during fall.

It is important to note that even though helmet is actually not damaged but it might be cracked and crumbly in those places which are not evident. Furthermore, it is very dangerous to ride the bike with the helmet which has already gone through a shock because this helmet cannot play a defending role in future. It is vital to consider the below mentioned tips while selecting the helmet for your bike.

  • Observable Corrosion

Whenever you see or feel the observable corrosion of your bike helmet, it is advisable to change your helmet. Always remember that only an appropriate helmet is able to protect you well and effectively.

  • Change Old Helmet

Secondly, it is suggested to change your helmet, when becomes too old. It depends on your daily routine and total number of trips.

  • Alteration in Subject

All the cyclists out there who want to change their bike must remember that a diverse helmet is required for a diverse helmet for a different bike.

  • Other Potential Reasons

Apart from this several other reasons also exists, such as simply want to change, wanted a very light helmet and helmet which is more airy etc.

Selecting the Helmet: size of the bike and helmet

It is important to mention, that sizes of the helmets are registered as 53-56 cm. it is the maximum and minimum circumference of your head. In order to know your size, it is advisable to measure your head circumference after that outline the head from front where your head is big, with flexible meter.

  • Kid -Selecting a Helmet

Kid -Selecting a Helmet

It is important to select a small helmet for a child according to a proper size. As you know that kids grow up very fast, therefore several sizes are now available. It is vital to ensure that helmet have the air holes. Moreover they must be according to the set standards which certify the worth of helmet.

  • Select the City Bicycle Helmet

Generally, city bikes helmet are quite round and they contains several holes or openings. It is essential to check that bikers can easily wash their helmet completely. Here it is equally important to check that selected helmet is meeting the standards which certify the superiority of your helmet.

Choosing Helmet for Road Bike

After defining the head circumference, now it is vital to remain very cautious about few things such as presence of the holes, weight of the helmet and systemic approach of cleaning the helmet.

  • Select Bike Helmet

It is important to note that cross-country and hiking bike helmets are quite similar to highway and city bike helmets. These helmets should have several holes, should be according to the set standards and comparatively light. Moreover, bike helmets might have small guards which aids in preventing rain or forecast of the mud.

  • Selecting an open Helmet Ride Bike

Selecting an open Helmet Ride Bike

If riders are making their bike very complex, with downhill mountains and jumps, then it’s is very essential for the beginners and professional cyclists to use a helmet. Moreover, helmet is fascinating as it truly protects your entire head during falls.

Now days, you can easily find two main types of the helmet namely full face and bowl helmet. Helmet mainly protects the cyclists but according to some it’s very annoying. Bowl helmet is often used in several other games of the BMX bike.

Bike Gear

Purchase Carbon Bicycle Wheels – Making a Knowledgeable Buying

This article will share the useful information about the things, which should be consider while buying the carbon bicycles wheels. It is important for all the versatile and enthusiastic riders who like to ride their bicycles in all kinds of pathway that should purchase the carbon bicycle wheels. Moreover, there are various reasons behind purchasing the carbon wheels such as their advantages are matchless.

Riders have the choice of purchasing the carbon wheels from a dealer’s store or they can choose to buy these wheels online.

  • Advantages of the Carbon Wheels

Carbon bicycle wheels are not merely fast and lightweight, but these wheels also contain modern brake walls, which are made from a basalt Kevlar. Furthermore, these carbon wheels offer the riders rapid acceleration equally on flats and climbs, and riders can handle the bicycle effortlessly as they accelerate. Carbon wheels contain aluminum sidewalls, confirming that the brakes will help the riders flawlessly in all kinds of conditions. Riders can ride much fast because of the depth of wheels. These wheels are very durable and easy to construct.

  • Practicality of the Carbon Bicycle Wheels

It is worth mentioning that in case, riders get a smooth rider, they can change the tires easily as the whole procedure is easy and familiar. Tubes of the wheels are simply recoverable and riders might have the tubes repaired several times before the tubes wear out. In any case, tires are extremely impaired and severely cut; riders can repaired them in order to complete their ride. Rider can get the carbon bicycle wheels supplied in the distant areas, as these wheels are quite common as compare to other kinds of the carbon wheels. While going on a very long ride, it is available to keep an extra tube and other tool along with you.

  • Advantages of the Carbon Tube-shaped Wheels

While buying the carbon bicycle wheels, always pick the carbon tube-shaped wheels. These wheels offer an excellent and flawless performance and stability. There rim is very light and contains carbon pads, offering the brakes high efficiency.

Carbon Tube-shaped Wheels

  • Practicality of the Carbon Tube-shaped Wheels

Carbon tube-shaped wheels contain the very light tire and tire combination in a market. Moreover, the possibility of the rolling is decreased because they possess a very high ability to bear pressure. Apart from this, the manner its rim is created lessens the chance of a pitch flatting. Alerting th3e flat wheel on the path is quite easy, especially if riders have already done it.

Moreover, tube-shaped wheel offer the riders more comfy rider as compare to other kinds of the wheels and riders can have a ride these wheels for a very short distance while wheels are smooth. Riders can also sealed wheels. Additionally, these wheels work quite well with the sealant systems.

Buying the Carbon Bicycle Wheels

While buying the carbon bicycle wheel, pick those wheels, which can goes well with your body weight. Lastly, consider purchasing wheels, which can be repaired or upgraded in order to incorporate the extra riding needs.